Okay.lets be honest here.

Fo2 ratings has always been down, and to save the show, the Fo2 Pd just had to use the chance when the precious Wonder Girls are back in kpop scene, and to add to the flavor,  they add Heechul, WG’s most known celebrity fan and JoKwon’s future best friend. But that’s not it, for that particular episode, Jang Dong Min is going to make his debut as family’s official guest. (i guess they use the term guest cos there is enough family members now?lol). This is a sure winning recipe for that episode, but whether they are going to continue their momentum on the next episode, we’ll see.

Things to look out for:

1. For those of you who did not watch Jang Dong Min’s episode with Wonder Girl on Suju’s Idol Show, then you might not know that Jang Dong Min confessed to YeEun at that time, dancing to TaeYang’s Only Look at Me, something he must had done a research on, cos Yeeun is a big fan of Taeyang.

2. Heechul’s interaction with Sohee, and how the chic Sohee will interact with him. =)

3. Yoona + Wonder Girls interaction.

They are known as the 2 rivals of kpop scene, but SNSD-WG have always have a good relationship. Taeyeon+Yoobin are besties, but i’m interested to see how yoona will interact with the girls.

4. JoKwon+Sunye

Needless to say, this will be a fun + tearjearking moments. They are best friends that have gone through so many hardships during their trainee period. Even if they did not let it out, they both know what is in their hearts. Love the part where Kwon says, “sunye, i love you”. ❤

5. Lim + WG + fo2 crews

this will be Lim’s debut in variety shows. I think Lim have a lot to show to the fans and to non-fans as well, because i think Lim is a fun girl to be around with. She is just not used to the camera just yet. But this girl, i like her. So i cant wait for her debut.

6. Yoobin+Taec

This coco couple will be the ones to look out for for taecbin shippers, but then again, even though Taec did carry Binnie in the preview, which i guess was the reenactment of Cinderella’s Sister, (taec carried MoonGeunYoung) and they are “just friends” (according to Binnie) in their live chat, but i’m not sure if there are other interactions other than that. We love you taec,(being with yoobin) but i wont get my hopes too high cos i know that in that episode, Taec gave yoona a perfume, and towards the last scene,where taec kinda strip, and did Rain’s love song to confess, i dont think the girl is yoobin,it looks like he’s heading towards sohee, but then the guy in the vid keeps screaming “its yoona its yoona its yoona”.Whatever it is,taec and yoobin would make a hot couple. but i bet seulong is screaming with jealousy at home.

7.yoobin+yoon sang hyun

yoon sang hyun, the actor, reveals he’s a fan of yoobin, but i did not really get to see him in the preview. but it’s interesting to see how it will play out. he deserves much more attention really. hope this will get him more attention.

with all that said, cant wait for that episode of fo2. =)

now, all we need is for the girls to record 2days 1 night.then i’d die happy.