people wonder why am i so obsessed with korea, KLC, and all.

the answer is its my dream.

i am the type of person who would chase her dream even though it seems so far away.

i am the type of person who will not give up halfway and even though im not sure of it, i still tell myself that i can do this.

that is my dream. that is why i am trying my best to be great at it. not just good at it.

but TESL,. is not my dream. I like English, i like Teaching, but honestly, im not cut out for that.  I imagine my future running around, always busy, but still lovin what i do.

I chase my dream before. I became a barista. and the feeling of fixing up a perfect cup of cappucino is just rewarding. i can see the smiles of the customers satisfied with their coffee. that is just….no words can describe it.

i have work in a grocery shop before and a day at a hotel, serving people. those are the jobs that i am not really into i guess. i always ended up looking at my watch, wondering when can i go home.

after i graduate, i think im gonna work in a travel agency. yes, maybe. i wanna travel all around the world until i get bored.=)