this is the feeling that usually comes to me like 4 times a semester.burnout.the feeling of lost.

i seriously dont know what i am doing here.sure,i am trying to survive here.

i fight the feeling like crazy..try to get my works done.but at the end of the day,other people had finished it faster than me.

i just cannot concentrate.

i just wanna go back.

yes i am jealous of those who goes back to their family’s arms and love while all i get is the sound of people singing.

i miss my friends.i miss my bed.i miss my parents.i miss the beach.

and yes, i think the only one who can relate to this is Valen.

but yes,as compared to those who are studying overseas,i’m quite lucky am i?

but then again,those who are studying there is living at other countries,so consider YOURSELF lucky.

there are others who wanna go there but couldnt.okay?

ahhh…at times like this,i def need come cakes,and pastries,and choc drinks.and things to kill.

i think i need to make myself a life-sized doll like the one in Goong,so that when i’m pissed off,i can just kick his butt..and chest…and head..