ahh..i’m supposed to be drafting my korean speech now..

okay..since we watched the black and white movie Billy Budd today, we cant stop talking of how innocent Billy Budd appears and how some of the scene appears kinda gay..but we all enjoyed the movie..some of us even cried in the class rite? even though i cant seem to cry today.

okay then…lets start of with Billy Budd..

his real name is Terence Stamp.sounds familiar?no?but wait till you see his recent pics.he’s changed.no more of that pretty boy.of course he’s old now, but he look totally different from Billy Budd era.

Terence Stamp before

Terence Stamp before

a real beauty, isnt he?

Haunted Mansion

do you remember him now?

yup…he’s the creepy guy in Haunted Mansion…he also stars in the Star Wars,Yes Man,Get Smart etc…just google him up, and you’ll find a very interesting fact about him..esp his er…marriage..no,he’s not gay..well, not that i know of..

shall we take a look at Ratcliffe now?

he’s one of the character that i love in Billy Budd.but i really dont know why.hehe..

and this is how he looks now.

seems familiar? that maybe cos you’ve seen him in X-Files as one of The Manicure Man.

his real name is John Neville.

now..pretty Gunnery officer, Wyatt..his real name is David McCallum..who?you might ask..but wait till you see his recent pics..you’ll be shocked..trust me..

he’s been in a LOT of famous series and movies,so if you wanna know more, just google him up..

so what has he been up to now?

he’s still cute, dontcha think?

well,he’s now one of the cast of….

NCIS!!!!!!!!! he’s Ducky!!! Dr.Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard!! hehee…so that’s it…glad to know that they are famous even after Billy Budd..=)