a few days ago i met Arwah’s family.

i saw Co, and made a small talk. i had this happy tone in my voice cos i dont want to remind him of Arwah.

he then told me that Ida is here too and called Ida out.(Ida is my childhood friend and also Tok Wan’s granddaughter)

i almost cried when i saw her, and i know she did too cos we hugged each other for quite a while.

it is almost impossible not to think of Arwah cos we remind each other of her.

Achik was there, and Kak Alya, and they talked to me,catch up and everything.

i tried my best not to mention Arwah.

Achik asked me of how i am doing.

i told her i work part-time at Coffee Bean and she said she’ll drop by and we will catch up later.

Kak Alya and i talked of Coffee Bean and Starbucks before she went inside again and left me with ida..

Ida told me they were going to sell the house.

i knew this was coming.

but still it came as a blow to me.

i did not expect it to happen this soon.

so soon,in fact, that they left right after our conversation with each other.

thank God i asked for ida’s email and new phone number.

Tok Wan might not had the chance to see me getting married,but i wish any of their family members could come later on.(not that i am in a hurry..i still remember that i am bf-less,thank you)

the house is going to be sell to another person huh?

i dont know how am i going to adapt to that.

i can only imagine all the renovations done to the house.

Arwah love the house so much.

to the new owner,pls, do not change the house that much,okay?

i can only hope now that the house fell into good hands.

Tok Wan, i am sorry.for not being able to do anything.