crush and blush hyo jin

i just watched Crush and Blush yesterday, and it wasn’t like i expected at all…not in a bad way, i mean..

i love the movie, and i just cant get some of the scenes outta my head…

it isnt a movie that makes you laugh so hard that it hurts your stomach, but it’s a light comedy that makes you smile, although i think there are scenes that can be improve as well..but overall, i love the movie cos i played it non-stop throughout the 1 hour and 41mins, something that i havent done in a long time…(i get distracted easily,y’know)


well, in Crush and Blush, Gong Hyo-Jin play Jang Mee-Sook,  a former high school Russian language teacher, but had been transferred as middle school English teacher, which she doesnt understand at all, and as her students say, her pronunciation sucks…lolz..she is in love Mr.Seo, her former teacher, now her co-worker, but is crushed when she found out that Mr.Seo is having an affair with the teacher(Ms.Lee) who took the job teaching Russian away from her..

she has this chronic blushing problem, which makes her students call her carrot and red.she is not really a well-liked student from her high school days and this continues even when she becomes a teacher. but all this did not stop her feelings for Mr.Seo..she always confide her problems to her dermatologist, which he doesnt understand why either..he couldnt stand it, so he moves to another clinic, to which he didnt told Mee-Sook of course.

Mee-Sook then finds an accomplice to help break up the affair, Mr Seo’s daughter. Yes, Mr Seo is married to a woman he met at the hospital he volunteered at. the woman was in coma, and her whole body was bandaged, but then he knocked her up, resulting the daughter of course. Mrs Seo only said “Grow up, will ya?” to Mr Seo, but that sentence is the reason they got married.

Seo Jong-Hee, Mr Seo’s daughter did not know that Mee Sook was in love with her father, and thought Mee Sook is doing it because she hates Ms Lee, so she goes along with the plan. the relationship is totally priceless as they were there for each Mee Sook said “she completes my sentences..she even typed for me cos she know i am tired” to which she refers to the “break-Mr Seo-and-Ms Lee-project”.


so then the story take a 180 turn from being a romantic comedy to a friendship-comedy-like movie which i totally dig cos this is the first time i watched this kind of movie..i mean, a girl with a chronic blushing prob??whoa, that’s new…