crown-bakery-xmas-wg*Wonder Girls for Crown Bakery X-Mas*

i just love the pic..everything is perfect!!ah, the hat looks soo cute on them!! not sure if we would look cute on it though, only the girls can pull it off so beautifully…people had been calling Leader Min *Min Maknae* nowadays, and it thought it sounds good on her cos she looks like she is the youngest now..hahaha XD oooh, love the cake, wish i can eat them though..*yum yum* their expression is soo bright and Yoobin‘s expression here..glad to see her making that cute face again cos she kind seem down lately..maybe cos Younha is not in Korea??lolz.. Binnie, cheer up!! Sunmi is glowing nowadays, and i think MiSo has grown into a fine more cuteness, but just beautiful, but i guess i would always view them as cute cos they are the youngins of the group..and my my..Yeeun is turning into a fine woman herself..she looks cuter since she dyed her hair..ah, Park Yosa XD

plus, latest pics from Wonder Bakery scene..i think it’s this week’s episode..

20081202-sohee*sohee with her new partner*


*sunmi as cashier??lolz*

20081202-yoobin*yoobin and her partner,cleaning the bakery*

i dont know much about this week’s ep, but i guess they are helping with the store or something..sohee is promoting the store, YeEun is helping in the store, but i’m not sure what task will she be doing..binnie is cleaning the store, and sunmi helping in the store as cashier..i’m not sure what will sunye be doing though..

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