phew…i thought i’m the only one that thinks they’re hot..thank God for this…hehehe..btw, i read it over at WGjjang’s wordpress that Junsu & Yoobin is today’s most searched topic at daum.. woohooo!!! personally i thought they look awesome together, but it’s a pity i havent seen any fancams of them yet..i’ve seen sunye’s, sunmi, and wooyoung, but not them together…guess we’ll have to wait for JYPe to release their rehearsal video, which i cant wait…on a lighter note, Sohee&khunnie, Taec&Sunmi, Chansung&YeEun’s out..hahaha..totally love it when the girls get all shy after finish practicing it with the boys..

well, until then, let’s feast our eyes with Junsu+Yoobin’s gifs from the perf..

*so hot hot*

yoobin junsu MKMF