omg…i am going to die now…they are soo freakin hot in Marie Claire..they are soo rockin it..i wish i was that girl..she’s soo damn lucky…personally, my fav boys in 2PM are Chansung & Wooyoung, but in the mag, all the boys look great..i love their pose, love their expression, oh what the heck, i love everything about them…kekeke…

Chansung *too adorable for words*

cocoich couple + junho (2PM’s bi) looking fine~~

the cocoich couple + chansungie

i love their is as if they are floating..khun looks like he’d been standing on the disco ball,taec’s serious face, and chansungie’s dorky smile.. =D

Jay Junsu Wooyoung Marie Claire

*click on the image for bigger size*

the awesome trio : junsu, wooyoung & jay

ah, imageshack is going all crazy on me..whatever… woohooo!! look at jay floating!! now this is what we call awesomeness…young young is busy posing while standing on a box..lolz..soo cute..and junsu busy painting the already-finished-painting..rofl…

wooyoung jay junho junsu marie claire

wooyoung + Triple J * i freakin love this pic*

omg..i love this pic..the pose was perfect..the expression is it just me or junsu is looking cuter by the day with his mushroom haircut?? and he is cute here painting the thing..and omg wooyoung…he look perfect on that outfit..10 out of 10..he look so casual yet so deliciously good looking with his serious face..and jay and junho looks like they were having a good time..i love love love the setting of the pic..with boxes and disco balls…and they make good use of it..

and finally…

2PM Marie Claire

2PM members with damn lucky model

ah, they look mighty fine there…all of them..this pic kinda reminds me of 2PM 10 out of 10 mv…all they need is Gina Choi and Yoobin there…kekekeke…but the model is soo skinny…so jealous of her.. XD