needless to say, i am very thankful to JoongBo couple, HwangBo especially for setting up blindates for Kyujong & HyungJoon with YeBin…i extremely LOVE the KyuBin couple here, and HyungJoon is soo damn funny there.

it is kinda weird looking at them being such a fanboy cos we never get to see that in real life…it had been revealed there that KyuJong and HyungJoon always talk about WG, and i’m glad to hear that…i’ve never watch SS501 behind the scene vids, so i never know how they act, and what is their personality, but after watching WGM, i gotta say, they are pretty decent boy…KyuJong is very EXTREMELY honest about his feelings, and i must say, he is someone who wouldn’t changed his mind easily?? cos he revealed the fact that he likes Yoobin even before the date, and he had always admire Yoobin…even when he had to choose between his favourite members, the first and fifth rank, he said that he never really thought of the fifth place, but he is sure of who’s his favourite..and that of course is Yoobin…

seeing that side of him, i kinda wish they ended up together, or there are many more interactions between them…cos they are soo sweet together, and Yoobin is always kinda shy with people she just met, so it is cute seeing her so shy around KyuJong…omg…totally wished the will be more interactions between them..hope that they’ll say hi to each other when they meet later on..speaking of that, the Triple S, who decided to stick with the name SS501 will be making comeback later excited for that..XD<!