i first heard his name in dramabeans blog..i thought he is just another kpop singer, so i didn’t bother much about him, and didn’t even feel like listening to his song..but then i stumble upon his mv in one of my YT subscriptions..the uploader usually uploads indie song, and that’s why i subscribe him/her in the first place..

so i watch EZ Hyoung’s I Need Your Love mv, and i’m hooked…i was like, he’s goood…i love the song, it kinda goes straight to my heart, even though i didn’t understand anything but the chorus,hehehe…but the song is good..and he’s kinda good looking too, which is something i didn’t really expect..but not in the idol-good-looking kinda way though..so yup, this is a song that you might wanna try if you’re into indie songs..

EZ Hyoung – I Need Your Love mp3

and here’s the vid…

credit : orienkorean@youtube