i love the interaction between JYP family members..they are soo cute together, and this couple is no exception..honestly, i think Yoobin would look smokin’ hawt with Jay or Taec, but Chansungie is cute too..hehehe..but i guess in a sibling kind a way?? i was sooo excited when i saw the vid of them together at radio station that i decided to write this one-page review about them in 2oneday.com forum, but i guess i’ll keep it there..hehehe…

i once heard a rumor of Jay & Yoobin together, i think i heard it over @ soompi, and ever since that i had pictured them together..but it’s a pity the rumor is not true though..i guess the fan who started the news made a mistake…huhuhu =(

but omgosh..taec and yoobin together…can you imagine that?? i can..haahahaha..they are soo similar…the coco couple..kekeke…when taec raps in 2PM’s Only You, i get the same feeling when i heard WG’s Nobody Rainstone Remix..i freakin love it..i wish i can see them together..

but being a Yoobin fan, i actually don’t mind who she ended up with…i’ll be happy for her..kekekekeke..=D

Yoobin & Chansung @ Ten Ten Club 081028YooChan Ten Ten Club YooChan =DYooChan love